Sunday, November 27, 2011

Desert yellow~Mellow Yellow Monday~112811

I was out and about early this morning and I found this delightful yellow flower over at The Gardens in Palm Desert. The wildflower seeds I threw out have now sprouted in my front yard.  I can already identify Desert Lupine and California poppies.  It won't be long now before they are blooming.  Mellow Yellow Monday for November 28, 2011. To visit Mellow Yellow Monday, go to:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Roses after the rain~Today's Flowers~112711

After an overnight rain, I headed over to our civic center park early one morning, before school, to look at the roses.  Aren't they pretty with the water drops on them?  The park was nearly deserted except for some early birds out walking their dogs, and the ducks, who were lined up next to the lake, and me!  Today's Flowers for November 27, 2011.

Texas lavendar~Sunday Stills Challenge~112711

This week's challenge was bokeh, which I never heard of before, and I had to read up on it.  Bokeh means basically "out of focus" and means that while your subject is in focus, the background isn't.  Honestly, I'd never really thought about this before and I had to go through my archives to find an example of it.  I took this photo while we were over in Arizona, in Scottsdale, in August this summer.   Since I usually take landscapes, I had to really search for an example.  I hope this is a decent one...Sunday Stills Challenge for 112711.  To visit Sunday Stills Challenge, please go to:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Red Rose~Macro Monday and Ruby Tuesday~112211

Pure elegance.  I LOVE roses.  Macro Monday and Ruby Tuesday for November 22, 2011.  Not in my garden, however...this one is down at our park.  To visit Macro Monday, please go to:  To visit Ruby Tuesday, please go to:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zinnias~Today's Flowers~111311

I took these photos back in August of this year and put them in my archives.  I was going through them today and thought I'd share their color with you.  We've had two days of rain here in the desert and in our mountains and I could sure use some color!  Today's Flowers for November 13, 2011. All photos taken at the Desert springs Marriott in Palm Desert, CA.  And, you notice that they all have a bee in them except the top one!  I honestly don't remember the bees, but they sure must have been out that day! To visit Today's Flowers, please go to: