Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleepy flowers~~That's My World for March 31, 2009

Sometimes in the early morning, I sneak outside to view the daisies and poppies. While the sunflowers don't close, the daisies and poppies do close at night. They are wide awake in the afternoon, and I love to see them at that time, but in the mornings they are still asleep!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Yellow daisies~~Mellow Yellow 033009

I love African daisies! I love their color, their ease of growing, and the merriment they bring to the outdoors! I drove around my neighborhood the other afternoon and found another neighbor who has them, too! Aren't they pretty? Mellow Yellow for Monday, March 30, 2009.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

sunflowers and daisies

I've tried to document the growth of my sunflowers and daisies out in our front yard, next to the street. We had a 30 year old eucalyptus tree that blew over in a huge windstorm last March and after we had it cut out and removed, there was a huge, empty area there. So, last November, I decided to plant some sunflower seeds along the fence there, since they LOVE full sun, and I also threw out some African daisy seeds and some California poppies, since they also love full sun and heat. We had some gentle rains in the fall and the seeds germinated. Since then, the sunflowers have grown to be over 7 feet tall and the daisies and poppies are thriving. I often have people and children stop to admire the sunflowers! It's a delicate issue here in Palm Desert. I'm sure the city code officer doesn't like them, but when I see the smiles on the childrens' faces, I know it is worth it! I got home early one afternoon and a mother and her young son were stopped in front of the fence talking about the sunflowers, which are now blooming. I'm glad they put a smile on their faces. Anyway, here are some pics of them from early March, 2009.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The beginnings of my veggie garden

Here it is! SOMEWHERE I have "before" and "after" pics of this garden, but I'll have to look later! This is my vegetable garden. Hubby made it about 15 years ago out of railroad ties. We had a little Nissan pickup truck back then and I remember that they nearly did the truck in when we hauled them! They are HEAVY! I've never done anything with it the last few years because we have 3 big dogs and they would just dig plants up. So, I didn't plant anything in it. It "rested". (Translated...I let it get full of weeds!). But this year, with everybody planting gardens, I thought it was time to keep the dogs out and re-establish my territory! So, back in November of 2008, I planted some sweet peas, some sugar snap peas, and some tomatoes. These are some early pics of the garden.


Welcome to my desert garden blog! I decided since this year I actually HAVE a garden and I'm actually cultivating the various plants around our house, I've decided to add this blog to my others. Since I have sunflowers and daisies and poppies growing out front for the first time in many, many years (ever since our grown kids were babies!), I've decided to chronicle JUST gardening pics and updates!
Thanks for stopping by!
~~Cheryl Ann~~