Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red rose~Today's Flowers and SOOC Sunday~103011

This beautiful, red rose was down at our local park.  I stopped by this morning to take some photos for the Sunday Stills Challenge and I walked over to the rose garden.  The sprinklers had just gone off and drops of water were on the roses.  I may return tomorrow morning for another look!  Today's Flowers and SOOC Sunday  for October 30, 2011. To see Today's Flowers, please go to: To visit SOOC Sunday, please go to:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Yellow Roses~Mellow Yellow Monday~October 17, 2011

Aren't they gorgeous?  These yellow roses were blooming last weekend.  There isn't much blooming right now, but these roses are in full bloom.  Mellow Yellow Monday for October 17, 2011.  No, these are NOT my roses!  I can't seem to grow roses at all~To view Mellow Yellow Monday, please go to:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Roses~Today's Flowers~101611

There aren't many flowers growing now.  We are between growing seasons.  I just planted a wildflower mixture in my front yard, along my neighbor's fence and the seeds have just sprouted.  It will be months before there is anything to photograph there.  I did, however, find these roses up at the horse ranch where I board my horses.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I'm glad they are blooming!  Today's Flowers for October 16, 2011.  The maples and aspen up there are turning yellow and I'll be going back next weekend to see their colors.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bougenvilla in the afternoon~Today's Flowers~100911

You know, it's nice to be HOME for the weekend.  We've been gone for the last 3 weekends and I finally got to sit down and watch the birds at the feeders today and wander around my yard!  I just planted my area of desert wildflowers and I'm watering it daily.  Our bougenvillas are in bloom again and I caught this one today.  Today's Flowers for Sunday, October 9, 2011.

My neighbor's rose~Saturday Flowers~100811

My neighbor is a landscaper and she has the most beautiful garden.  She has a corner lot and when she moved in, she put an olive tree right in the middle of it and then planted flowers around it.  She has roses along her driveway and last weekend I wandered over with my camera.  This summer, as most summers, was pretty harsh on her plants, except for her black-eyed Susans and roses.  Isn't this one beautiful?  Look how delicate the petals are.  I've tried to grow roses for 30 years and I finally just gave up.  My parents had a beautiful rose garden which my father enhanced with trailer loads of horse manure, but I can't grow a single rose!  Go figure...sigh...Saturday Flowers for 100811.  I guess I'll just have to enjoy my neighbor's roses! To visit Flowers on Saturday, please go to:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pretty flowers~Mellow Yellow Monday~100311

I wandered over to my neighbor's yard this morning and found these pretty flowers.  I raked my front planting area this morning and we might have rain Wednesday and/or Thursday down here, so I need to sow my wildflower seeds before the rain comes.  So, I'll probably be out there tomorrow afternoon and Tuesday afternoon.  Last year I had California poppies, African daisies, desert lupine, and some other flowers which I didn't even know. I noticed that my neighbor was out pulling some of these out this afternoon, so I'm glad she allowed me to take photos this morning!  Mellow Yellow Monday for October 3, 2011. To visit Mellow Yellow Monday, please go to:

Water droplets~Sunday stills Challenge~100211

Water drops on my bougenvilla.  It has some pink blossoms, but it was too dark to see them this morning, so I may go out later.  Sunday Stills Challenge 100211.