Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yellow blossoms~Mellow Yellow Monday 01311

I went to my local shopping center yesterday afternoon and spotted these beautiful, yellow blossoms on several plants in a planter there. I stopped to take a closer look. I had my camera with me because I'd just returned from working with my horses. Aren't they beautiful? Our warm weather, after our December rains, has the desert blooming already. However, it could be a bad allergy season this Spring for those of us who have hayfever! Mellow Yellow Monday for January 30, 2011. To see more yellow entries, please visit:

Hong Kong orchid tree~Today's Flowers 012911

While this isn't a flower, it is a blossom on a Hong Kong orchid tree which stands at my school. I pass by this tree every day and I usually don't notice it. That is, until its blossoms open up! Then, I stop to look at them, observe them, and admire them! With our recent warm weather, this tree is now blooming and I'm anxious to watch the blooms unfold. Today's Flowers for January 29, 2011. Oh, and these trees do well in our desert, so I'm going to look for one to add to my front yard!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fairy duster~Ruby Red Tuesday 012511

Several fairy dusters were already blooming when hubby and I visited the Living Desert Reserve in Palm Desert on Sunday. They are such interesting shrubs! As our weather continues to warm (it should be 77 degrees here today!), more of them will open up and bloom. Ruby Tuesday for January 25, 2011.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

First sunflower~ Macro Monday and Today's Flowers 012411

My first sunflower of this season opened up a couple of days ago and I ran out this afternoon to take some photos of it. And, look who was already busy at work? Can you see the bee inside it? I'm so happy because these sunflowers, which I planted on my west fence, have taken a real beating from a windstorm a few weeks ago. In fact, I lost two of them...:-(... But, the rest have survived, including this one, which actually got twisted in the wind and now isn't straight up, but it curves! Well, at least it survived! Macro Monday and Today's Flowers for January 24, 2011. To visit Lisa at Macro Monday, please go to: