Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another setback (...sigh...) My garden destroyed

As I've posted before, I have had problems with my neighbors to the east of me. Last spring, they instructed their gardener to spray ROUNDUP on my sunflowers, which were NOT in their front yard. Instead, they were quietly growing next to MY FENCE on MY PROPERTY!!! So, he trespassed on my property and did the deadly deed. I asked my other neighbor, a landscaper, if she would confirm it, and she did. There was an oily residue on them and they turned completely brown in a couple of days. Mind you, these were healthy plants. I confronted them and we had a nasty screaming contest. I told them that they were my third graders' science project and, of course, they denied everything. I KNOW they did it, additionally, because their other neighbor, 2 houses away, had the same thing happen to his flowers. IDIOTS! We haven't spoken since.
So, imagine my HORROR when I went out to water my African daisy seeds and California poppy seeds on Friday morning. SOMEBODY came by and THREW dirt and debris that I had raked up from the day I raked over the planting bed and threw it on top of my seeds to make a point that I needed to pick it up. I DID pick it up, except for a small pile on the street outside the planting area.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? Here I am, trying to make my property a little greener, a little more attractive, and some IDIOT came by and threw dirt and rocks on top of my little area of heaven? I mean, how cruel is that?
So I'm off this morning to Home Depot to buy more seeds....sigh...what can I say? They KNEW it was recently planted as I had spread mulch over it.

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