Thursday, December 3, 2009

Desert storm ~SkyWatch Friday 120409

I have previously scattered some African daisy and California poppy seeds out in front of my fence, where I grew them last year, but we haven't had any real rain here in the desert yet and I've had to soak the area with the hose. A few scraggly plants have sprouted, but nothing great, considering the amount of seeds I threw out there. So, last weekend, I was thrilled when our desert got its first sprinkles! And, another storm is forecast next week. One with REAL drizzles! YEAH! So, I threw out two more packets of daisy and poppy seeds and I'm hoping that with next week's rain, they will sprout and thrive. For some reason, seeds really need the natural rainwater. Maybe our water district's water is too hard? This is a peek looking back toward the San Jacinto Mountains Sunday morning. SkyWatch Friday for December 4, 2009.


Clueless in Boston said...

Beautiful sky. What many people wouldn't give to have so little rain forecast.

Guy D said...

Wow, what a beautiful scene. You captured it perfectly.

All the best
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bobbie said...

A very beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for sharing this lovely sky photo!

have a great weekend :)