Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rethinking my garden plans 102410

I'm rethinking my plans for my gardens this fall. I WILL plant my sweet peas in the back yard, along the 6' high chain link fence which divides our back yard in half. (Half of it is for the dogs). But, I'm NOT planting sunflowers along the street fence, like I've done for the last two years. Instead, I threw out African daisy seeds (no California poppy seeds this year). But, I do have an east-facing fence between me and my neighbor which now gets full sun until late afternoon! She was kind enough to ask me if it was okay to trim back one of the shrubs which was there (and was growing over her side of the fence) I said okay and now I have a whole other location to plant seeds! So, yesterday I planted my sunflower seeds along that fence, along with the California poppies. I also had two packages of Texas Bluebells that I planted there, so I'll see if they sprout this year! We had quite a bit of rain last week and the ground is still soaked, so the seeds should sprout quickly as it is warming up now. I'll continue to water these newly-planted seeds and I hope by next Spring I'll have photos to share with you!

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Denise said...

That sounds like you are going to have a pretty fantastic display Cheryl Ann. Lovely photo!