Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Purple snail vine

One of the blossoms on my snail vine. These vines grow quickly here in our desert. One year I had one growing out front, up one of our posts, onto the patio roof. I enjoyed watching them hang down and provide filtered light for the porch. Unfortunately, our STUPID DOGS dug it up and I just haven't replanted anything in its spot (I'm STILL fuming at them!)...:-( I haven't noticed any fragrance on these, but they are such prolific growers and do so well here in the desert that I don't mind if they don't smell.


Alan said...

Are yours fragrant? I've grown this for the past few years and although I love the vine in general, mine was fragrance-free. So I didn't save any cuttings and am starting some new ones from seed this year. Hopefully the source is accurate and these will be fragrant. =)

Masha said...

Beautiful picture, I wonder what the whole plant looks like.