Sunday, May 15, 2011

Joe's Farm Grill and community gardens, Arizona

So, last Thursday afternoon, after a grueling day at school, hubby announced we would be going to Arizona for the weekend "to relax". Huh? Relax? I get up at 5:00 every morning, go for a walk, and then complete my day. His idea of relaxing is to go somewhere and sit in the hotel room ALL DAY. (not my idea of relaxing...) But, FINALLY yesterday, we hit the road and drove over to Joe's Grill which is...I don't know where it is! Somewhere near Gilbert, Arizona...anyway, while he stood in line to order our food, I wandered across the street to the community gardens. Oh, MY! Those folks must use a LOT of fertilizer! Their sunflowers were HUGE! Their hollyhocks were HUGE! I did notice that they had a compost pile and used alfalfa around their plants...hmmm....I have TONS of horse manure (from my 5 horses...)...guess I'll have to start putting it around my plants! Just LOOK at these flowers! I'm SO JEALOUS! I must admit that I was in awe of their gardens! I REALLY need to rethink mine now! If you want to visit Joe's website, here's the link:

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Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

How nice! Beautiful garden. And sounds like you have ready available fertilizer. LOL!