Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red rose~Today's Flowers and SOOC Sunday~103011

This beautiful, red rose was down at our local park.  I stopped by this morning to take some photos for the Sunday Stills Challenge and I walked over to the rose garden.  The sprinklers had just gone off and drops of water were on the roses.  I may return tomorrow morning for another look!  Today's Flowers and SOOC Sunday  for October 30, 2011. To see Today's Flowers, please go to: To visit SOOC Sunday, please go to:


chubskulit said...


Red Rose, have a great week ahead!

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Sage said...

I like the photos with drops of water on flowers. I have been known to use the water hose or just sprinkle on some drops with my hand especially on roses. As for growing them, lots of well aged manure and even more water since we live in such a dry desert. The zinnias are easier to grow. and your photos are great.