Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lavender in my garden~Today's Flowers`020815

I have 4 lavender bushes that I purchased here in town.  They are out in my garden and I often see bees and even hummingbirds enjoying them.  I LOVE to go out early in the morning or in the afternoon and take photos of them.  This is the first time I've ever planted lavender and I believe that from now on, I'll have some in my garden!  I'm enjoying the lavender also.  I love how the sunlight hits them at different times of the day.  Today's Flowers for February 8, 2015.  Here's the link for Today's Flowers:


Judy said...

Lovely images of the lavender blossoms!! I have tried to grow it before, and it has never overwintered for me. But there are a couple of places nearby where I can enjoy someone else's labours!

Gunilla Bäck said...

So pretty and the scent is wonderful as well.

DeniseinVA said...

Lavender is one of my favorite flowers and scents. Your photos are wonderful! Thank you so much for linking with Today's Flowers and I wish you a very happy week.