Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Broccoli crop~Think Green Thursday 031010

I went home through the fields a couple of days ago. These fields are near my school where I teach and I see them every morning on my way to work. I never seem to have time in the mornings to stop and look at what's growing, so after school on Tuesday, I drove out to investigate the fields. This large one had a crop of broccoli which had been recently harvested. The tractor was out there plowing the crop under. If I remember correctly, they will soon plant corn on this field and it will yield two crops of corn over the spring and summer. It's interesting to see how the crops change over the seasons here in our desert southwest. With a 365 day growing season, yes, different crops are planted throughout the year on the same field. In winter, farmers grow cool season crops like onions, peppers, lettuce, or broccoli (I could REALLY smell the broccoli after they harvested it and when the tractor was turning the crop under!!!) And, once our warm weather starts, like now, farmers will start planting the warm season crops like corn and beans and squash and melons. Think Green Thursday for March 10, 2010.


Rambling Woods said...

When I was a kid I would have paid the farmer not to plant any broccoli, but I really enjoy it now. I didn't know you could plant two different crops in one season. Probably as we can't do it here in NY... Thank you for participating in Thinking Green Cheryl...Michelle

Guy D said...

Excellent shots on the farm.

All the best
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