Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heat and my sweet peas

Well, last week's heat has finally pretty much done-in my sweet peas. I picked the last full bunch of them Sunday and took them over to my aunt for Mother's Day. She and my uncle just bought a new house in Sun City, Indio. They sold their house in Rancho Bernardo and moved to the desert. We are all glad to have them nearby as they are both in their 80's, but still pretty active! Anyway, my grandfather used to grow BEAUTIFUL, full, vibrant sweet peas and this is the first year in nearly 30 years that I've had a decent spot to grow mine. I tried growing them on chicken wire, but they never thrived like this year's crop. These are on my chain link fence out in the back yard. I soaked the seeds overnight before I planted them and they immediately sprouted and grew! I'm going to pull them up this Sunday, since I have to stay home all day as my aunt and uncle are sending their new bed over and they bought separate twin beds! So, I have to be home to answer the door when our son-in-law and a friend deliver the bed. I'm thinking about planting some cosmos seeds along this fence for summer and I may stop at Lowe's today after school to check out other summer seeds. Good -bye sweet peas! They have put nitrogen into the soil and have completed their cycle. Now it is time to plant something else in their place. I will miss their beauty and fragrance. We could all smell the last batch that I picked Sunday and took over to my aunt's house. I LOVE sweet peas!

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luisa said...

Hi,your blog is beautiful and your flowers too.That is beautiful color.It´s the color´s love "pink".I´m from Argentina,sorry for my english please.Adios!!