Thursday, April 2, 2009

Morning quiet

I like the morning. It is quiet. Sometimes my dogs wake me up about 4:30 and I love the peacefulness of the early morning. This morning, when I put them out front, I heard the "whoo, whoo, whooo" of an owl. We have a huge, thirty year old cottonwood tree in our backyard and sometimes owls come for a visit. There is also a family of orioles that build their nest in that tree every year. I love early mornings. Photo is of my African daisies in the early morning light. I love how they close at night.

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Bengbeng said...

hope you will be able to capture a pic of the owl one day but it might b tricky as they come out only at night. would love to see a pic of the owl :)

the scene you paint of 430 am in the morning must b the envy of many. so serene n tranquil