Saturday, April 11, 2009

sunflowers and daisies 041109

My sunflowers, alas, have some kind of worm eating them! Many are missing leaves and the leaves that are left are badly chewed. I do NOT want to put any insecticide on them because the birds visit the sunflowers, so I went out yesterday and gave them a good hosing off! I'll have to keep an eye on them! Any ideas or suggestions? I have quite a few that are blooming now and my next crop is coming up nicely, although a few of them were also chewed. I took my weed wacker and wacked around them yesterday afternoon because otherwise the city will come by and give me a "friendly warning" about how I'm lowering property values in my neighborhood with 2 sprouts of grass coming up around them! (Don't EVEN get me started...) So, I was a good citizen and wacked away. Some of the daisies are going to seed, which is good, because next year they'll come up on their own! So, here are the most recent pics of the sunflowers and daisies!

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Cheryl Ann said...

I found this link through another website and I'm reading it. I'm thinking it was some kind of caterpillar because my first sunflower had a green one on it and I just shooed it away. Great website!