Friday, May 8, 2009

Sad report and UPDATE

We have hostile neighbors to our east. The two fellows there pick on everybody in the neighborhood. They harass their neighbor on the other side, too. They've reported me to animal control because I didn't pick up the dog poop for a week when I was sick with pneumonia. Yup. Isn't that just neighborly? They've complained because we had 4 dogs at one point, so I had to find a new home for one of them (we have our two dogs now and our son's)...They call the city and complain if I have ONE blade of Bermuda grass coming up in my rocky area out front.
NOW they've really done it. I came home yesterday to find my new crop of sunflowers completely brown and DEAD. Yup. And NOT from the heat because I had just watered them the previous night and the ground was still wet. Roundup? I'm going to ask my other neighbor to take a look and give me a professional opinion (she's a landscaper)...
If so, I'll be contacting an attorney. I'm SICK AND TIRED of being harassed by these two and I'm just heartbroken that they would be so thoughtless and CRUEL! I came home one afternoon to find THEIR gardener on our property trimming our mesquite, which leaned over on their property. I screamed at him then because he was stepping on the baby sunflowers! He turned out to be a really nice man and I apologized to him, but...they didn't tell me or ask for permission but, honestly, it gives them afternoon shade...WTF??? So, this afternoon, I'll go out with the camera and take pics of my dead sunflower babies and think about this all day. I mean, how MEAN is that????????
UPDATE May 9, 2009. Yes. Something WAS sprayed on them. My other neighbor confirmed it. I mean, how mean and inconsiderate is that? What's next? Poison my dogs?

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